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Inhaling The Aroma Of A Full-bodied Red
Inhaling The Aroma Of A Full-bodied Red

Inhaling the aroma of a full-bodied red

This Delicious Red Is Made From The Trepat Grape, Indigenous To Catalonia

This delicious red is made from the Trepat grape, indigenous to Catalonia

Enric Briefing His Guests On Some Of The Finer Points Of Appreciating Wines

Enric briefing his guests on some of the finer points of appreciating wines

Can You Recognise The Aroma In The Bottle?

Can you recognise the aroma in the bottle?

Artisan Cheeses From The Pyrenees

Artisan cheeses from the Pyrenees

Listening And Learning...

Listening and learning...

A Crisp White Produced In The Famous Penedes Region, Outside Of Barcelona

A crisp white produced in the famous Penedes region, outside of Barcelona

Taste A Drop Or Two Of These Premium Vinegars And Prepare To Be Surprised!

Taste a drop or two of these premium vinegars and prepare to be surprised!

Inhaling The Aroma Of A Full-bodied RedThis Delicious Red Is Made From The Trepat Grape, Indigenous To CataloniaEnric Briefing His Guests On Some Of The Finer Points Of Appreciating WinesCan You Recognise The Aroma In The Bottle?Artisan Cheeses From The PyreneesListening And Learning...A Crisp White Produced In The Famous Penedes Region, Outside Of BarcelonaTaste A Drop Or Two Of These Premium Vinegars And Prepare To Be Surprised!

It’s a crime to come to Barcelona and not try some of the local wines. Catalonia has a total of 12 recognised wine-producing regions, including the second most prestigious region in the whole of Spain – the Priorat. During this tasting session in the city centre, your sommelier and guide for the evening will introduce you to five of Catalonia’s best bottles, whilst helping you refine your tasting skills using the tricks of a wine connoisseur.

This informal workshop begins with an exercise in smell sensations that will help train your nostrils to the nuances of wine tasting. Working in teams you will try to guess which herb, spice or familiar flavour each bottle contains in order to prepare your palate for the degustation itself. Once it’s time to pour the wines you will start to be able to identify some of the aromas you just inhaled, and enjoy the appearance, texture and of course taste of each glass.

Each wine is paired with a cheese that is almost as delicious as the wine itself, whilst your host will give you a fascinating insight and background into each glass, as well as wine production in general. Whether you’re relatively new to the game, or something of a pro already, the sommelier likes to tailor the session so that everyone goes home more knowledgeable than when they arrived.

The workshop usually takes place in a vinoteca in the city centre, however it can also be delivered on demand in your hotel or apartment, and works particularly well for groups of friends and also corporate events. It’s also perfect for travellers who don’t have time to take a full day tour to the Penedes or other nearby wine regions, as the activity only takes 1.5 hours and can easily be done after a day of sightseeing, perhaps before dinner.

The cost depends on group size and is:

€120 per person for 2 people
€95 p.p. for 3
€85 p.p. for 4
€70 p.p. for 5
€65 p.p. for 6
€60 p.p. for 7
€50 p.p. for 8-9
€45 p.p for 10 or more people.

  • Included:
  • 5 quality Catalan wines
  • Artisan cheeses
  • Sommelier guide
  • Wine tasting exercises
  • Premium vinegar sampling

Your Sommelier and Host

Enric is a private sommelier in Barcelona, with more than 10 years experience in the wine business. His unparalleled knowledge of the local wine culture together with great communication skills make him the ideal guide for this activity. His main goal is to bring the wine world closer to people in a friendly and easy going way.

Practical Details for Barcelona Wine Tasting Class

    Availability: on demand.

    Duration: 1.5 to 2 hours

   Group Size: Min. two people.

     Meeting Point: Can Canyes wine store, or your hotel / apartment.

    My Tip: I would personally advise booking this activity two hours before dinner.

Perfect For

Groups of friends

Corporate groups

Time-poor travellers


Amazing wines (and cheese pairings)

Knowledgeable host

A great learning experience

Central location


Less affordable for small groups

No idyllic vineyards!


If you’re a wine lover without time to get out to the Penedes or Priorat, this is the activity for you. Enric is a wonderful host, who knows his vintages back to front, and you’ll learn a lot and have a lot of fun as you sample some of the finest fruits of Dionysus in the region. As for the cheeses, they might be even better than the wines!


To book the Barcelona Wine Tasting Workshop please send an email to with your preferred dates and the number of people you wish to book for. You can expect a reply within one working day.


Request More Information via our Contact Form

If you need any more information, or would like to book this wine tasting class in the city center you can use the contact form below. Or simply email us with your group size and preferred dates. In all cases you can expect to hear back directly from the tour provider within one working day with their best price.

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